Yoga class types

Hatha: Posture with detailed instructions. Attention paid to alignment and foundation.

Hip openners: Practice to release tension in the hips (groins, pelvis, thigh mobility).

Core Strenght: Practice that emphasizes on core strength : abs, pelvic floor, lower back. Great class to deepen your practice and develop stability in your postures.

Restorative: Restorative postures practice. Most of the postures are supported, with the objective of integrating the active practice by a deep relaxation of the body. Class can incorporate breathing exercises.

Vinyasa: Dynamic, rhythmic and flowing. Postures are connected with each other. Not a lot of demonstration.

Gentle Vinyasa: SThis flowing sequence of calming postures will help you find calm and connect to your breath.

Yin: Postures held in a “passive” way (less muscular effort than hatha) to allow soft and gradual opening of the body. Mostly opens the body’s connective tissues.

Yang/ Yin: Yin yoga is a practice of long held poses where the chi (energy) flow is stimulated and the organic system nourished. A meditative environment is created and as we hold, honour and shed layer after layer of our self we open the heart, mind and soul to a deep integration with the body. The yang practice is a fluid and strong active presence with postures that energize, strengthen, lengthen and connect us to our yang energy. Class to create balance between the yin and yang.