Have you heard the news? As of July 3rd, all Studio Bliss yoga classes will be taking place at Le Saint-Jude with your favourite Studio Bliss instructors.

For your comfort, class sizes are limited to 14 participants, so please make sure to reserve in advance. You can reserve online or call us at 514-286-0007.

Please note that we are only able to accommodate students who currently have an active membership. For more information about our membership options, please call us at 514-286-0007

Studio Bliss yoga members will also have access to all group classes offered at Le Saint-Jude until September 1, 2017, including pilates, spinning and more! Check out the group class schedule below and make sure to reserve your spot online or call us at 514-286-0007.


Yoga class types

Hatha: Posture with detailed instructions. Attention paid to alignment and foundation.

Hip openners: Practice to release tension in the hips (groins, pelvis, thigh mobility).

Core Strenght: Practice that emphasizes on core strength : abs, pelvic floor, lower back. Great class to deepen your practice and develop stability in your postures.

Restorative: Restorative postures practice. Most of the postures are supported, with the objective of integrating the active practice by a deep relaxation of the body. Class can incorporate breathing exercises.

Vinyasa: Dynamic, rhythmic and flowing. Postures are connected with each other. Not a lot of demonstration.

Gentle Vinyasa: SThis flowing sequence of calming postures will help you find calm and connect to your breath.

Yin: Postures held in a “passive” way (less muscular effort than hatha) to allow soft and gradual opening of the body. Mostly opens the body’s connective tissues.

Yang/ Yin: Yin yoga is a practice of long held poses where the chi (energy) flow is stimulated and the organic system nourished. A meditative environment is created and as we hold, honour and shed layer after layer of our self we open the heart, mind and soul to a deep integration with the body. The yang practice is a fluid and strong active presence with postures that energize, strengthen, lengthen and connect us to our yang energy. Class to create balance between the yin and yang.